Hari Negatif Satu

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Adiff tau kot. What his Papa do for a living. This is a shot I took three days after he was born. And he already was looking at the camera, as if he was posing for me!

Bang Yel! Here comes a competitor! Hehehe...

Yesterday, I went to a shop with my chubby bodyguard. Hehehe. Brader kedai asked him, 'Kalau Abang ambik adik boleh tak?'. Yel kept quiet. No words at all. Just hiding behind me.

And on our back home in the car, I asked him the same question, and this time he replied:

" Grrrraaahhhhh ( bunyi macam Hantu Durian in Geng Upin & Ipin ). TAK BOLEH! Nanti Yel jadi hantu nanti baru tau! "

There goes.

Pengaruh movies / cartoon in your children's lives. Hehehee... 


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