Hari Negatif Lima

These two peeks were taken when Azril was one day old, and Adiff was two days old. Adiff's peeks is the one with the mommy's hand covering his cute little head. Portraits such as these doesn't need elaborate background or props. Enough with good source of light and some composition of the subject. But I really liked the simplicity. Enough to be the start of a collection. The photo-documenting of life.

Today is five days away from the start of this blog. At least a picture. Taken every day. Will be uploaded here. To show or prove that photography can be 'the food to your soul'. Cliche. Hahaha. Phew. I hope I won't missed out a day. 

OK. It's 7.26 am now. Got to prepare for a wedding today. :-) Till a new pic tomorrow! :-)


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