Hari Negatif Dua

U can do this anywhere. Portraits of you and your lil ones. For parents with DSLRs, consider it as a tool handed down from heaven. Hehehe. But if you have no clue know how to make the full use of it, hmm.. campak dalam lombong aje lah. Hehehe. Acah je

One of the workshops you can join is with the master himself, Hasnudin at fototeacher.com. Also a member of Click Couture , he teaches great stuffs and worth every penny! :-) But if you don't mind learning with a not-so-master chap, feel free to check out my personal blog soon as yours truly (hahaha) will conduct some basic workshops for those who might be interested with the basics of photography in general. 

Back to today's pics. Any parents can do this. Stand near a source of light. In this case, just in front of our house' door. The original peek is the one below, and the final edited is the one above, with details of the door had been blurred out. Extra highlight was given to the subject and the rest, just darken them out.:-) 

Ouh, I just love my cap. I had it for almost 10 years now. Actually the big 'E' stands for 'Esprit'. But when i bought this cap, I was just started getting to know Effa, so nak ambik hati lebih, I bought this cap, konon2 specially worn for her, E for Effa! Hehehe :-)


YaNie said...

Min.. dah sama chubby ngan azril.. hehehehe.. konon2 ke nak ambik hati keeeeeee mmg :P

effa.. lelaki ni kalau dah kawen smua konon2 kan.. duluuuuuuuuuuuuuu (sambung sendiri laa).. hihi kidding ;)

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