Hari Negatif Empat

Usually within the first few weeks' of the baby's life, Muslim parents will shave the baby's head, to make way for a new batch of hair. It's also part of cleansing exercise for the baby. Some parents in Bercukul Jambul / Aqiqah ceremony only cut just a few. Not for Adiff. Or three years back for Yel. Both had their heads shaved 100%. Hehehe. More appropriate, advises my FIL. :-)

And recently, Adiff too got his head shaved. Such a behaved boy! He just lay quiet throughout the process, unlike previously during his big bro's, huh... such a big war! Hehehe

Now, Adiff has become little Kojak! And a cute one that is! Hihihi...


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