Hari Negatif Enam

Hehehe...  Welcome to my pet project's blog. And this is the first post. :-)

My name is Azmin and I shall turn 30 in a few days' time. Hehehe. Three series, beb. Hahaha! Got lots of things in my mind this coming new year. And so little time to get them done. But Alhamdulillah, I'm blessed with a beautiful wife, and two little cute boys. And this blog, is dedicated to the two Azmins. Well, not my twin, as I have none. But my two heroes. A.zril Z.afri az.MIN and A.diff Z.ahri az.MIN. Perhaps its a way, to celebrate the turn of a 'new era'. Era of the three-series, that is. Heheh.

I'm into photography. In my school days' there was a student club- 'Kelab Fotog' for interested shutterbugs but i was never drawn in. I was more into arts. So I joined Art Club. But over the years, as a late comer i am, i suddenly realized that arts could also be expressed through photography as well, just the same as pencil and crayons could. And I liked weddings very much. So I started Pretty Peektures in December 2004.

Photography is not just for certain special occasions. Not only during the cousins' weddings. Your sister's graduation. Or your little bro's bersunat. ;-P It's for every day's life. It's like food to your soul. Wah! giler cliche. Hahaha, but just like music, photos could be the same. But many people take photos for granted. Perceiving it a something they can live without. But as they say, you will never appreciate something, till you have lost them. I totally agree.

Moments. They tend to come by, and shall passed you by in a whisker. Its unstoppable. You will realized one day, how fast your little joys have grown up. From 1 day to 1 week. 1 month to 1 year. They are unstoppable. Soon, they will drive you around in their cars, perhaps bringing you the nearest mamak for a quick teh tarik, and you may be starting to reminisce the good 'ol growing up years.

'Do you have any photos of me when I grew up, papa?'
'Do you snapped the photos of me when I started to walk?'
'Do you have my photos on my first bicycle?'

Don't be surprised if you will be bombarded with these questions. Hehehe.. Turning back the time? Not possible. This picture in mind, can you take pictures for granted now? Hee hee...

Anyway, it's just what I think. Different people, different thoughts. Never mind if yours are different from mine, hope you'll enjoy the pictures on this blog. It will be updated everyday, the ins and outs, of the two A.Z.MINs, starting from January 1, 2010, up till December 31, 2010. Feel free to drop a note! :-)

A click a day. Every day. Let's Click away! :-)

Principal - Pretty Peektures  
Founder - Click Couture Photographer 
Doting Father ( and still learning! lol ) - A.Z.MIN I & II


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