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Mat Bunge :-)
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Hari Negatif Satu

{ click the above peek for an enlarged version }

Adiff tau kot. What his Papa do for a living. This is a shot I took three days after he was born. And he already was looking at the camera, as if he was posing for me!

Bang Yel! Here comes a competitor! Hehehe...

Yesterday, I went to a shop with my chubby bodyguard. Hehehe. Brader kedai asked him, 'Kalau Abang ambik adik boleh tak?'. Yel kept quiet. No words at all. Just hiding behind me.

And on our back home in the car, I asked him the same question, and this time he replied:

" Grrrraaahhhhh ( bunyi macam Hantu Durian in Geng Upin & Ipin ). TAK BOLEH! Nanti Yel jadi hantu nanti baru tau! "

There goes.

Pengaruh movies / cartoon in your children's lives. Hehehee... 

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Hari Negatif Dua

U can do this anywhere. Portraits of you and your lil ones. For parents with DSLRs, consider it as a tool handed down from heaven. Hehehe. But if you have no clue know how to make the full use of it, hmm.. campak dalam lombong aje lah. Hehehe. Acah je

One of the workshops you can join is with the master himself, Hasnudin at fototeacher.com. Also a member of Click Couture , he teaches great stuffs and worth every penny! :-) But if you don't mind learning with a not-so-master chap, feel free to check out my personal blog soon as yours truly (hahaha) will conduct some basic workshops for those who might be interested with the basics of photography in general. 

Back to today's pics. Any parents can do this. Stand near a source of light. In this case, just in front of our house' door. The original peek is the one below, and the final edited is the one above, with details of the door had been blurred out. Extra highlight was given to the subject and the rest, just darken them out.:-) 

Ouh, I just love my cap. I had it for almost 10 years now. Actually the big 'E' stands for 'Esprit'. But when i bought this cap, I was just started getting to know Effa, so nak ambik hati lebih, I bought this cap, konon2 specially worn for her, E for Effa! Hehehe :-)

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Hari Negatif Tiga

Orang tua-tua selalu cakap " Cepatnyaa kau besar ... dulu kecikk aje " 
( Old folks love to say " You have grown up so fast! You're very small the last time I've seen you! )

How do you plan to recall this, say 20 years down the road with your lil' ones? Well, surely by then, they will not be that little anymore. For me, this is how i would like lil' Diffy to remember, how small he was, once upon a time. Hehehe...

But then again, it's just me. How about you? :-)

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Hari Negatif Empat

Usually within the first few weeks' of the baby's life, Muslim parents will shave the baby's head, to make way for a new batch of hair. It's also part of cleansing exercise for the baby. Some parents in Bercukul Jambul / Aqiqah ceremony only cut just a few. Not for Adiff. Or three years back for Yel. Both had their heads shaved 100%. Hehehe. More appropriate, advises my FIL. :-)

And recently, Adiff too got his head shaved. Such a behaved boy! He just lay quiet throughout the process, unlike previously during his big bro's, huh... such a big war! Hehehe

Now, Adiff has become little Kojak! And a cute one that is! Hihihi...

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Hari Negatif Lima

These two peeks were taken when Azril was one day old, and Adiff was two days old. Adiff's peeks is the one with the mommy's hand covering his cute little head. Portraits such as these doesn't need elaborate background or props. Enough with good source of light and some composition of the subject. But I really liked the simplicity. Enough to be the start of a collection. The photo-documenting of life.

Today is five days away from the start of this blog. At least a picture. Taken every day. Will be uploaded here. To show or prove that photography can be 'the food to your soul'. Cliche. Hahaha. Phew. I hope I won't missed out a day. 

OK. It's 7.26 am now. Got to prepare for a wedding today. :-) Till a new pic tomorrow! :-)

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Hari Negatif Enam

Hehehe...  Welcome to my pet project's blog. And this is the first post. :-)

My name is Azmin and I shall turn 30 in a few days' time. Hehehe. Three series, beb. Hahaha! Got lots of things in my mind this coming new year. And so little time to get them done. But Alhamdulillah, I'm blessed with a beautiful wife, and two little cute boys. And this blog, is dedicated to the two Azmins. Well, not my twin, as I have none. But my two heroes. A.zril Z.afri az.MIN and A.diff Z.ahri az.MIN. Perhaps its a way, to celebrate the turn of a 'new era'. Era of the three-series, that is. Heheh.

I'm into photography. In my school days' there was a student club- 'Kelab Fotog' for interested shutterbugs but i was never drawn in. I was more into arts. So I joined Art Club. But over the years, as a late comer i am, i suddenly realized that arts could also be expressed through photography as well, just the same as pencil and crayons could. And I liked weddings very much. So I started Pretty Peektures in December 2004.

Photography is not just for certain special occasions. Not only during the cousins' weddings. Your sister's graduation. Or your little bro's bersunat. ;-P It's for every day's life. It's like food to your soul. Wah! giler cliche. Hahaha, but just like music, photos could be the same. But many people take photos for granted. Perceiving it a something they can live without. But as they say, you will never appreciate something, till you have lost them. I totally agree.

Moments. They tend to come by, and shall passed you by in a whisker. Its unstoppable. You will realized one day, how fast your little joys have grown up. From 1 day to 1 week. 1 month to 1 year. They are unstoppable. Soon, they will drive you around in their cars, perhaps bringing you the nearest mamak for a quick teh tarik, and you may be starting to reminisce the good 'ol growing up years.

'Do you have any photos of me when I grew up, papa?'
'Do you snapped the photos of me when I started to walk?'
'Do you have my photos on my first bicycle?'

Don't be surprised if you will be bombarded with these questions. Hehehe.. Turning back the time? Not possible. This picture in mind, can you take pictures for granted now? Hee hee...

Anyway, it's just what I think. Different people, different thoughts. Never mind if yours are different from mine, hope you'll enjoy the pictures on this blog. It will be updated everyday, the ins and outs, of the two A.Z.MINs, starting from January 1, 2010, up till December 31, 2010. Feel free to drop a note! :-)

A click a day. Every day. Let's Click away! :-)

Principal - Pretty Peektures  
Founder - Click Couture Photographer 
Doting Father ( and still learning! lol ) - A.Z.MIN I & II

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